Source code for wsrpc_aiohttp.websocket.client

import json
import logging
from asyncio import Lock
from typing import Optional, Union

import aiohttp
from yarl import URL

from .common import WSRPCBase
from .tools import Lazy, awaitable

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
SocketType = Optional[aiohttp.ClientWebSocketResponse]

[docs]class WSRPCClient(WSRPCBase): """ WSRPC Client class """ def __init__( self, endpoint: Union[URL, str], loop=None, timeout=None, session: aiohttp.ClientSession = None, loads=json.loads, dumps=json.dumps, **kwargs ): WSRPCBase.__init__( self, loop=loop, timeout=timeout, loads=loads, dumps=dumps, ) self._url = URL(str(endpoint)) self._session = session or aiohttp.ClientSession(**kwargs) self.send_lock = Lock() self.socket: SocketType = None self.closed = False # noinspection PyMethodOverriding
[docs] async def close(self): """ Close the client connect connection """ if self.closed: return await super().close() if self.socket: await self.socket.close() await self._session.close()
[docs] async def connect(self): """ Perform connection to the server """ self.socket = await self._session.ws_connect(str(self._url)) self._create_task(self.__handle_connection())
async def __handle_connection(self): while True: async for message in self.socket: # type: aiohttp.WSMessage await self._on_message(message) else:"Connection was closed") self._loop.create_task(self.close()) break async def _send(self, **kwargs): try: log.debug( "Sending message to %s serial %s: %s", self._url, Lazy(lambda: kwargs.get("id")), Lazy(lambda: kwargs), ) if self.socket.closed: raise aiohttp.ClientConnectionError("Connection was closed.") async with self.send_lock: return await self.socket.send_json( kwargs, dumps=self._dumps, ) except aiohttp.WebSocketError: self._loop.create_task(self.close()) raise async def _executor(self, func): """ Method which implements execution of the client functions """ return await awaitable(func)() async def __aenter__(self): if self.socket is None: await self.connect() return self async def __aexit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb): if self.closed: return await self.close()
__all__ = ("WSRPCClient",)